Bob jones dating parlor

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I really loved BJU and had no idea that I had dabbled with something so evil and deadly. I love the school, and I dont want to do anything bad, but what can I do? Ill never forget his chapel message back in early November of 1967: We dont want any flower children here: no pansies and no tulip boys. Liverman mused in my presence, Maybe he meant that Calvinism is the gospel truth. Lewis then opined, Why, thats like saying immersion is the gospel. As they went back and forth, I began to cry I couldnt help it. Nobody was mad; nobody was coming down on any of us. Trouble was brewing between the pastor and an assistant over Calvinism, and a church split was in progress. Bob Junior was livid and returned ready to kick keister.

Everything at BJU—from liberal arts classes to daily chapel services—is centered on one thing: preparing you to serve God with your life. I have absolutely enjoyed my time here as a student.

They had no African-American students there at all throughout the sixtiesof course, neither did Presbyterian College until the year I graduated.

Segregation was still very much a way of life in South Carolina throughout the sixties.

But as a result, I got a pink slip, which meant I had to report to Dr. The whole Bob Jones episode was a part of Gods gracious plan for my life.

Within a couple of days, fifty to a hundred of us were rounded up, and the law was laid down by the administration.

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