Dating photo postcards

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The following list is postage for postcards mailed within the United States.

The Private Mailing Card Act of May 19, 1898, stipulated that private mailing cards measure 3.25 x 5.5 inches.

Curt Teich was the largest volume printer of these types of postcards in the world from the 1920s to the 1940s.

Many of the postcards we have at the Archives were printed by Curt Teich & Co.

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From the 1930s through 1970s the following numbers were used: Year Production Numbers: 1930 0A-2935 —0A-5363 1931 1A-1 —1A-3637 1A-H1 —1A-H565 1932 2A-1 —2A-1562 2A-H1 —2A-H1082 1933 3A-1 —3A-552 3A-H1 —3A-H1656 1934 4A-1 —4A-654 4A-H1 —4A-H2223 1935 5A-1 —5A-650 5A-H1 —5A-H2701 1936 6A-1 —6A-668 6A-H1 —6A-H2913 1937 7A-1 —7A-710 7A-H1 —7A-H3989 1933 8A-1 —8A-923 8A-H1 —8A-H3291 1939 9A-1 —9A-982 9A-H1 —9A-H2637 1940 0B-1 —0B-996 0B-H1 —0B-H2755 1941 1B-1 —1B-954 1B-H1 —1B-H2693 1942 2B-1 —2B-545 2B-H1 —2B-H1581 1943 3B-1 —3B-432 3B-H1 —3B-H1722 1944 4B-1 —4B-436 4B-H1 —4B-H1657 1945 5B-1 —5B-510 5B-H1 —5B-H1509 1946 6B-1 —6B-721 6B-H1 —6B-H2667 1947 7B-1 —7B-561 7B-H1 —7B-H2149 1948 8B-1 —8B-791 8B-H1 —8B-H1993 1949 9B-1 —9B-782 9B-H1 —9B-H1904 9B-K1 —9B-K129 1950 0C-1 —0C-700 0C-H1 —0C-H2125 0C-K1 —0C-K448 1951 1C-1 —1C-653 1C-H1 —1C-H1937 1C-K1 —1C-K305 1952 2C-1 —2C-564 2C-H1 —2C-H1680 2C-K1 —2C-K401 1953 3C-1 —3C-494 3C-H1 —3C-H1433 3C-K1 —3C-K1548 1954 4C-1 —4C-420 4C-H1 —4C-H909 4C-K1 —4C-K2194 1955 5C-1 —5C-230 5C-H1 —5C-H705 5C-K1 —5C-K3091 1956 6C-1 —6C-100 6C-H1 —6C-H228 6C-K1 —6C-K3110 1957 7C-1 —7C-8 7C-H1 —7C-H92 7C-K1 —7C-K3151 1958 3C-H1 —8C-H62 8C-K1 —8C-K3280 1959 9C-H1 —9C-H6 9C-K1 —C-K3023 1960 0D-K1 —0D-K2443 1961 1D-K1 —1D-K2385 1962 2D-K1 —2D-K2073 1963 3D-K1 —3D-K2035 1964 4D-K1 —4D-K1936 1965 5D-K1 —5D-K2006 1966 6D-K1 —6D-K1957 1967 7D-K1 —7D-K1795 1968 8D-K1 —8D-K1477 1969 9D-K1 —9D-K1330 1970 0E-K1 —0E-K885 1971 1E-K1 —1E-K787 1972 2E-K1 —2E-K699 1973 3E-K1 —2E-K561 1974 4E-K1 —4E-K392 4E-D1 —4E-D558* 1975 5E-K1 —5E-K637 SE-D1 —5E-D981* 1976 6E-K1 —6E-K689 6E-D1 —6E-D954* 1977 7E-K1 —7E-K454 7E-D1 —7E-D368* 1978 8E-K1 —8E-K116 SE-D1 —8E-D187* * In 1974 the Teich Company was sold to Regensteiner Publishers also in Chicago.

The company used a "-" followed by the year: Year Production Numbers 1929 1-29 —6262-29 1930 1-30 —2934-30 In the middle of the "-30" period, the numbering system was again changed.

Today postcards vary greatly in size and shape, so it is more difficult to use size to date them—but if the size or shape of the postcards differs from the above standards, it’s safe to assume that they were probably made within the past few decades.

Curt Teich & Co., a postcard printing company, operated from 1898-1978 and specialized in view (postcards that have scenic views) and advertising postcards.

The rate of postage for postcards has changed throughout time and can be used to find an approximate date for postcards.

Not all postcards have the required postage amount printed on them, so this method can only be used in instances when the postage is known.

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