Early dating serious conversations

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I just came across the concept of “Deeper Dating” by Ken Page.I am currently working through the steps in his book.- a promise to maintain and protect the “contract” of your relationship with your partner.These are the spoken and unspoken limits and boundaries that surround your relationship.

Love relationships, like people, undergo stages of development.I would like to hear your perspective on reconciling the tenets of deeper dating (openness and establishing intimacy as a point of departure, rather than as the end point of a waiting game) with the seeming infinite patience required to not pursue men, not discuss relationship status/marriage, and not push a desire for emotional connection on men while in a relationship as not to scare them away.It seems these perspectives are mutually exclusive. Is it possible to start from a place of deep connection with someone, discuss your true desires for your romantic life (including marriage, children), and not scare them away?During each stage, positive factors sway partners toward maintaining and strengthening their relationship while the negative factors at any stage contribute to its deterioration.- an act of trying to influence or gain favor of another by pursuing their attention. Because romance is an "act," many couples who have been together a long time take it for granted. - a desire for another person, which has grown to intensity that can't be ignored.

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