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I didn't start following him or think much of it, until a few weeks later I noticed his name pop up on a friend's Facebook page.I told her about my crush, and moments later she had connected us saying, "My friend thinks you're cute.I remember being quietly pleased when he would switch his profile picture to a shot of the two of us (a public declaration! Now, here I am a few years later quietly enjoying likes from my crushes and sneakily scrolling through the feeds of romantic prospects, ex-boyfriends and randoms, and posting the occasional selfie that someone may Deep Like down the road.All I know is that regardless of all Insta-flirting and filtered versions of boys, nothing replaces the thrill of hearing from a someone say—in person—that they "like" me, or telling them the same.A.-based photographer and developed a fleeting Insta-crush.His pictures revealed that he was a Boston Terrier-loving hipster with a green thumb, and his full name was conveniently listed on his profile.A few weeks ago, I spent an evening flirting with a super-cute bartender in Brooklyn.

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By the time we went on our first date a few days later, I already knew he enjoyed sailing, camping, and motorcycles.Contact her if you're interested." He added me on Instagram, and we ended up going out a few weeks later when he was in town.It's no surprise that as the world has becomes increasingly digital, so has the art of seduction.With so many public accounts, it's also super-easy to fall down a rabbit hole of "investigation." "I always check out that girl's pictures just to see if he's liked them, even though it probably doesn't mean anything," my friend sheepishly admitted.Instagram certainly is a dangerous venue for anyone predisposed to jealousy, though Weiss notes that it is important to remember that Instagram doesn't cause obsessive behavior, it simply facilitates it.

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