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The Cannes International Film Festival is the most talked-about film festival of the year, where directors from around the world showcase their newest work, from the most challenging art cinema to the big blockbusters.

For many years, Roger Ebert and a team of contributors have covered Cannes, and we are continuing that tradition with start-to-finish coverage from around the festival.

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Not surprisingly some of the best examples of these women are "The Simpsons"’ Marge and "Family Guy"’s Lois, not only because both shows have been on the air for 26 and 13 seasons, respectively, but both were created in the image of classic sitcoms.

Granted, due to the fluid nature of reality on an animated show, both ladies have occasionally hung up their aprons for brief periods, but neither have held a regular gig like their more recent counterparts on "Bob’s Burgers" or "Rick and Morty".

They include contributors from (alphabetically) Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Turkey and the U. There's hardly a major figure in the history of movies, from the last part of the 20th century into the 21st, that he hasn't encountered.Perhaps its this reason that, eventually, "Modern Family" did employ two of its three stay-at-home parents with Cam (Eric Stonestreet) heading back to work in the fourth season, followed by Claire (Julie Bowen) in the fifth.For obvious reasons, the working mom is much more guaranteed archetype in workplace comedies, where the mother is introduced and defined by her vocation, rather than her role as a parent.The opening shot of a movie can tell us a lot about how to view and interpret what follows.It can even represent the whole movie in miniature.

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