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When it turns blue, it means that all have read the message.

However, if you only see a double grey tick and want to know who all have your message, simply long press on the message you have sent and click the ‘i’ (information) button on the top.

Free Charge is one such third-party app that allows users to transact money using the messaging platform.

All you need to do is install Free Charge, set up your account and start sending and receiving money between your contacts. Know who send you a message if you don’t have them on your contact list.

There are times when you want to read the entire message from the contact or group, but due to shortage of time, you prefer to read it later. So why not mark them as unread to read it up later.

You can also mark chats as unread to mark them as important for later too.

These beta versions are for beta testers and becoming a beta tester is free.

You can also choose to backup only chats or media and documents too.

Do note: Backing up to Google drive will cost you online space and data bandwidth. Backup/Export chats and media to email Backup or export particular chats for safe keeping.

In the chat screen, click on the ‘options’ menu, then ‘more’ and then on ‘email chat’.

If you are part of a large Whats App group, or if you are chatting with a contact for a long time, finding a particular message becomes a task.

You could either mark important messages with a star or simply use the search feature to hunt for a particular message.

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