Tanya vlad

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This book starts off with our main character working the summer as a nanny...nothing too wild..then there is an attraction to the child's father and lastly, this story goes way way into another direction.

It felt like I was watching a romantic comedy that felt more like a Lifetime movie..then there is the Vlad Tepes connection - basically, don't read it if you are expecting vampires or want the gory horror story - this is not that book.

Not your typical chit lit, or romance novel, or scary story, but sort of a combination of all three. If you took the time to read the book description, you should be aware that this book will be a different kind of Chick Lit--with a gothic flair.

No, no vampires here, but an intriguing tale of familial connections to Vlad the Impaler told through dark dreams and the history of a birthmark.

Part of the story takes place in Romania, near the home turf of Vlad the Impaler, after Gwen accepts an offer Alex makes for herto spend the summer taking care of his daughter.

Beyond the Dracula lore, this is a compelling story about modern relationships and families.

Orsoff will continue Gwen and Alex’s story in a planned sequel.

Though Isabella’s unattached father, Alexander, is stern and inscrutable, he and Gwen fall for each other over the summer.

Then he reveals why he invited her to spend the summer there.

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