Updating mac os 10 3 9 to 10 4

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This can take an hour or more depending on the speed of the Mac and the amount of data it accesses on a drive, so patience can be important.

If the update is successful but the Mac is running slower after updating to OS X 10.11.4, simply waiting for the various Spotlight and maintenance processes to complete usually remedies the speed issue and any potential rapid battery drain.

Those are recommended updates if you’re not running El Capitan, both available from the  Apple menu Software Update mechanism of the App Store.

Separate from the Mac, i Phone and i Pad users will find i OS 9.3 available to download, and watch OS 2.2 and tv OS 9.2 are available as well.

Some Mac users have reported a variety of issues with installing OS X 10.11.4 on their Mac.

The problems may vary from a frozen or stalled installation, to unexpected crashing during the update, and a variety of other issues.

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